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4 Document Preamble

In the next sections we focus on the DVIPDFM / JPEG route, beginning with a discussion of the packages and options appropriate to the preamble of the document. Once again we refer the reader to example.tex.


It is a good idea to include a dvipfdm in the \documentclass command. For example, in example.tex the first line is:

Graphicx Package

To include our graphics we need the graphicx package. It seems that the dvips option is useful here. In example.tex the declaration is:

Color Package

We want to have colour hyperlinks, etc., and so we need:
I can't remember the justification for the usenames and dvipsnames options; it may even be that they can be removed. But in any case, in the world of LATEX, the only justification for things is that they work!

HTML and Hyperref Packages

Basic Declarations

That both HTML and hyperref are required is a subtlety, as there is some duplication of functionality: for example, both packages provide commands to do hyperlinks. However we will actually use the html package for hyperlinks, and the hyperref package to link the LATEX document structure into the PDF file as bookmarks and to do other similar things. The relevant declarations are:
Note that it may be important that hyperref is the last package to be declared; alternatively, this may just be mythology.

Other Options

The dvipdfm option for hyperref is always a good idea, but there are also a number of more optional options; they cover things like the generation of bookmarks in the Adobe / PDF document, the colour of hyperlinks, and the PDF document information such as the name of the author, etc. We will discuss these options in detail in Section 7.


Note that, as was mentioned in Section 3.1, the hyperref package conflicts with LATEX2HTML's ability to do numbering properly. It is therefore a good idea to use no commands from the hyperref package so that only the \usepackage line need be commented out before running LATEX2HTML.

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