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7 Options for the Adobe / PDF Document

As we mentioned in Section 4 above, there are a number of options for the hyperref package that control the properties of the Adobe / PDF document.

In this section we give a brief overview of some of these options; it is however worth the reader's while to look at the hypperef documentation as there are various other options which might also be useful.

In general, an option is declared by putting it in square brackets after the \usepackage command. Multiple options are separated by commas, and text of textual options goes in braces: for example


\usepackage[linkcolor=blue,pdfauthor={C. Clayton}]{hyperref}

The document example.tex provides further examples.


Options for Generating Bookmarks

To convert the LATEX document structure (i.e. your \sections, etc.) to bookmarks in the PDF document, use one or more of the following options:
  • bookmarks -- the basic functionality is turned on;
  • bookmarksopen -- the bookmarks appear expanded;
  • bookmarksnumbered -- the LATEX document section numbers are included in the bookmark.


Options for Colouring Hyperlinks

  • colorlinks -- produce colour hyperlinks; the colours are controlled by the options that follow;
  • linkcolor -- the colour for internal links (e.g. in the table of contents);
  • urlcolor -- the colour for external links (e.g. to the www);
  • citecolor -- the colour for bibliographic citations.

Note that there are various other types of links for which colours can be defined. See the hyperref documentation for more details. Example colours are black, green, blue, red, magenta, cyan.


PDF Document Information

Various PDF document information fields can be filled in using package options. For example,
  • pdfauthor -- the name of the author;
  • pdftitle -- the title;
  • pdfkeywords -- the keywords;
  • pdfsubject -- the subject.


Other Options

As mentioned in Section 4, it is a good idea to include the dvipdfm option as well.

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