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1 Objectives and Assumptions

1.1 Objectives

In this document we discuss some ways of writing a single LATEX source that is able to produce, with the minimum of fuss, both properly formatted PDF and properly formatted HTML documents, as well as a DVI file; the functionality aimed for is
  • A `hyperlinked' table of contents in both the PDF and HTML documents;
  • Inclusion of graphics from a single set of source files, with translation of formats avoided whenever possible, or, when necessary, done automatically;
  • Figure environments and captions for the graphics correctly formatted in both the PDF and HTML versions;
  • Elementary internet style hyperlinks, e.g. that work in both the PDF and HTML versions;
  • A set of working Acrobat reader bookmarks derived automatically from the structure of the LATEX document;
  • Basic Adobe document information such as author and title;
  • A small amount of functionality in terms of hyperlinked citations and section references, etc.


1.2 Assumptions


Assumed Program Versions

The techniques presented in this paper work on a Windows 98 machine with
  • MikTex version 1.20 (including DVIPDFM version 0.12.6e);
  • LATEX2HTML version 99.2 beta 8 (working with the NETPBM graphics suite);
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0.


Other Versions

In general two types of techniques are presented:
  1. General strategies;
  2. Specific workarounds for bugs and incompatibilities between packages and programs.

If you are working on other platforms and TEX implementations, or with other versions of these programs, much of (1) should still be applicable. However, the set of `random bugs' and hence the workarounds of (2) may be somewhat different.


1.3 Example

I have prepared a small LATEX document that illustrates the complete range of functionality. It is available online in LATEX, PDF and HTML formats at:

The key commandline options used for LATEX2HTML and DVIPDFM are set out in Appendix B.


1.4 Disclaimer

No claim is made that any of this represents the best way to do things. This document is therefore perhaps best thought of as the record of a personal struggle...

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