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Some useful LaTeX links:

CTAN --- large TeX and LaTeX archive.

Graphics and Colour With LaTeX --- getting started guide.

Installing LaTeX2HTML with MikTeX. I would never have done it without this page. Some things were a little different from the description given here, but a little bit of furious hacking managed to sort it out. The trouble with furious hacking, of course, is that afterwards one can never quite remember what one did...

Links --- a good page of LaTeX links.

MikTeX --- the best PC version of LaTeX. How things have moved on! To think, I wrote my thesis on an 8086 with emTeX - it took two hours to compile! Those were the days... Hardship! Builds the character.... The younger generation has it easy (zzz... zzz... zzz...)

MikTeX page --- chaotic but good.

TeX Users Group --- lots of links. You can even get a consultant if you're really stuck. I think we all need consultants, to be honest. (PS. Don't call me - don't even think about it!)




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