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6 Linking Within the Document

A Note on Section Numbers

To get section numbers in the HTML document, the show_section_numbers option must be used on the LATEX2HTML command line. The general idea of LATEX2HTML seems to be to do away with section numbers. Personally, I am not sure that this is at all a good idea. For all their navigation bars and tables of child links, etc, many LATEX2HTML documents are difficult to navigate, and it seems to me that having a few basic section numbers gives the surfer some helpful pointers as to where he or she is.

For a discussion of some techniques to produce effective HTML documents with LATEX2HTML see the paper Tips on Document Formatting with LATEX2HTML[1].

Linking to a Section

Suppose I labelled the first section of this document with a \label{secObj}. There are various ways to hyperlink to it:
  • An ordinary \ref{secObj}, which produces 1
  • A \htmlref{the first section}{secObj}: the first section
  • It does not seem possible to set a single link to e.g. Section 1 as \ref does not work inside a \htmlref. However, one can fudge it by doing an \htmlref immediately followed by a \ref: Section 1

Other Links

  • An ordinary \cite is best for citations: [1]. Avoid \htmlcite as it does not work in the PDF version of the document.
  • Equation numbers by an ordinary \ref: 1

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