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C. Miscellaneous Tips

  • Never have any spaces in the filenames or the directory names of any of your LaTeX or graphics sources.
  • Inside a LATEX document use forward slashes (/) rather than backslashes (\) when specifying file paths. For example:
  • LATEX2HTML seems to really mess up if there are any overfull hbox's when LATEX runs. It is therefore a good idea to deal with any of these before running LATEX2HTML.
  • A good tip, when producing graphics with external programs, is to try and make them all `naturally' the same size. With Microsoft Powerpoint, for example, design any charts or diagrams from the outset to occupy the whole area of a slide. Having graphics the same size often helps to standardize the process for including them in the LATEX document, and helps to give the document a consistent look.
  • DVIPDFM writes out a lot of messages when it runs -- things like `unrecognized special ignored'. Just ignore these messages.
  • The messages and strange symbols that LATEX2HTML produces when it runs are, of course, utterly meaningless (as far as I can see)!

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